Chapter 11


The Law Offices of Allen A. Kolber, Esq. files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases for individuals, small to mid-size businesses and corporations who are running a successful business, but are being squeezed and harassed by their creditors.

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy allows your business to continue operating and protects your incoming revenue, while creditors are prohibited from all collection efforts, lawsuits, restraining your bank account or repossessing your equipment or inventory.

In exchange for protecting your business and keeping it running, the Bankruptcy Court requires a Chapter 11 Debtor to submit to a reorganization plan over the course of 5 years. The Plan will allow you to negotiate and settle claims with your creditors or bank lenders, while allowing you to continue operating and growing your business.

Once our office files a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case for you, we can:

  • Immediately stop a foreclosure action or sale and allow you up to five years to pay the mortgage arrears owed to the bank;
  • Restructure bank lines of credit, SBA loans or credit card debt;
  • Immediately stop all creditors from suing you, restraining your bank account or repossessing your assets, equipment or inventory;
  • Remove Judgments, liens and receiver actions;